Our factory is certified ISO9001:2008 for its high quality in manufacturing and repacking pesticides, fertilizers and all other agrochemical products. We aim to produce high quality products, which meets the markets demand as well as developing its environmentally friendly property.


We place much importance in the development of production technology which not only must be efficient but also must allow for development of new products and formulations. We have highly experienced professional engineers and chemists on hand to conduct research on this aspect of our business.

Research and Development

We are justifiably proud of the strong faith given to our organization as well as the trust placed upon us by our business partners. However, we will not stop here but rather strive further with research and development of product. The team that we have built up is full of experienced chemists and are highly qualified people who are devoted to formulate diverse new products within the laboratories that are well equipped with high technology instrument and equipment. The aim is to seek optimum formulation most suitable for application in each crop, keeping in mind the differences of each location. Ultimately, all products emerging from the laboratory into the field comply with the latest Poisonous Materials Act of B.E.2008.